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Elegant, solid perfume compacts are nothing new - from the ancient Egyptians, who wore solid perfume and stored their oils in ornate vessels, to modern day Estée Lauder, which continues to release limited edition fragrance compacts each year. As the days get cooler, we at Smoke Perfume are excited for our latest launch of limited-edition vintage compacts, filled with a customer’s fragrance of choice.

Where do we find the compacts?

Smoke founder Kathleen Currie has collected vintage perfume bottles and compacts for years. Some of the original compacts in our annual launches were used for makeup, holding either rouge or powder. Antique shops and reputable sellers on Ebay are great sources for vintage lockets and compacts. Kathleen purchases throughout the year, always searching for beautiful and unique pieces.

What’s the process?

Once the compacts have been gently cleaned and disinfected, the perfumes can be filled. A combination of Smoke Perfume scent blends, plant-based butters, and organic beeswax are melted together to form the balm. After being poured, we wait at least twenty-four hours for the balm to solidify.

Why do we hold our launches during the fall and winter months?

Solid perfumes, because of their wax-like consistency, are best to be used (and shipped) during the cooler months of the year.  Exposing solid perfumes to high temperatures may cause them to sweat or even melt. Make sure you store your perfume in a dry, cool place (never the bathroom).

Do the compacts make good gifts?

We often sell these special limited-edition items as gifts – even gifts for oneself. We LOVE seeing special customer notes on orders: “This is for my daughter’s birthday. She loves Night Cloud!” or “Treating myself to something beautiful!”

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