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It’s that time of the year again, but fret not! Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, we’re keeping our annual Holiday Gift Guide super simple this year with just a few of our favorite products.

Night Cloud Incense - We sell a few incense varieties on our website, as well as our New Orleans showroom, but this one is our all time fave. To create our signature incense, we begin with traditional unscented sticks and soak them in our Night Cloud perfume blend to create a sultry and captivating fragrance. Burn at your next holiday gathering or on a quiet afternoon curled up with a book. 

Smoke Eau de Parfum - The OG. As the namesake and bestselling fragrance of our collection, Smoke is an intoxicating blend of jasmine, vetiver, and citrus. Spray this classic eau de parfum on your pulse points, your clothing, and even your hair. Its rich aroma will stay with you throughout the day. 

Ritual Roll-on Perfume - Another delectable scent in our core collection is Ritual, a heavenly blend of neroli, rose, and cinnamon leaf. This roller ball option is great when you’re on the go and even better when you want to reapply your fragrance without spraying down everyone else in the room.

New Moon Cypress Oil - Our Cypress oil may be the dark horse of our collection. Not to be upstaged by our popular Rose oil, our Cypress blend is light, earthy, and moisturizing. Each batch is infused on a new moon and perfect for those drawn to subtle scents. 

Deluxe Perfume Sample Kit - Don’t know where to start? Our deluxe kit is one of our best selling products and for good reason. It includes sample vials of all five Smoke Perfume core scents, as well as our cypress and rose oils. Each kit also includes a discount code for the purchase of a full size bottle. We find this to be the most economical way for fragrance fans to sample our line.