Smoke was born from healing

Spending the past 15+ years in the healing arts

Founder Kathleen Currie is a seasoned perfumer, herbalist, bodyworker, and massage therapist.

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The founder's passion led to

The early start of Smoke Perfume

Kathleen’s relationship with scent began while she was in massage school, studying aromatherapy. While working with pure essential oils, she experimented with the blends of these natural and varied scents. While wearing the oils, she noticed that each one felt like a living material, both powerful and protective. As her education continued into breathwork and herbalism, so did her focus on breath as a vessel for healing.

Many paths led to the present moment

Breath became medicine

With each new scent Kathleen created, she found it offered its own sacred space, a tiny ritual in the midst of a busy day. Every blend was intuitively created after years of training and certification, and an ongoing mentorship with renowned natural perfumer Mandy Aftel. 

Today we proudly stand as

An industry leader in the resurgence of natural perfume

Kathleen has stayed true to her mission of creating healing scents rooted in self-care. What started in Kathleen’s French Quarter kitchen has grown into a nationally recognized brand. Smoke Perfume is committed to crafting artisanal fragrances from ethically-sourced, natural ingredients and sharing them with customers through carefully designed, sustainable packaging.

With Kathleen’s synesthesia, each of Smoke’s signature scents starts with a color and a feeling


White. The original blend. Created when Kathleen moved to New Orleans, this mixture of vetiver, jasmine and citrus is built on the feeling of embracing independence and standing alone as a young adult.



Gold. The second iteration. Created as Kathleen transitioned into herbalism school, this mixture is witchy and sensuous, with more luxurious ingredients. Rose, neroli, and wood notes are built upon the feeling of trust in your own inner voice, natural wisdom, and intuition



Green. The third scent. Created in the midst of chaos and inspired by Kathleen’s childhood in the rainforests of Belize. This tropical blend of ylang ylang, amber and cacao is built upon the reminder that peace and resilience are possible, encouraging you to recharge your inner self.


Night Cloud

Purple. The counterbalance of Smoke. Created after spending dusk to dawn in the streets of New Orleans — starting when the clouds hang low and the sky grows purple. This mixture of lavender and sandalwood is built on the feeling of electric spontaneity that happens under the cover of nightfall.


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