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I have followed Alex Elle in her inimitable wisdom for so long that it's hard to remember the exact moment I first learned about her work. Since then, I have been moved, educated, and impressed by her powerful way with words, her vulnerable and authentic shares, her beautiful documentation of life, and her expressions of joy and discovery as she evolves in motherhood and self-healing. Since following her work, I've also become a fan of her books, as well as her podcast Hey, Girl. You can find everything Alex Elle here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your work, and where we can find you?
My name is Alexandra Elle, and I am an author and wellness consultant living in the Washington, DC metro area. I’m extremely passionate about assisting people looking to find their voices through writing, community building, and self-care practice.

Where were you in life ten years ago, and did you ever see yourself where you are now?
I was a single person raising my first child (who is now 11). I was 19 and trying to find my way, purpose, and personal joy so that I could be the best mother for my child and woman for myself. Being where I am now is humbling and shows that when we lean in and choose ourselves, things can shift. I’m married, expecting my third child, and I do work that I love for a living. It’s been a journey filled with ebbs and flows, but I am grateful.

Where do you derive strength? What gives you the fortitude to keep going when the going gets tough?
My strength manifests most when I am in transition. I’ve been able to learn so much about myself, accessing my softness, and leaning into resilience through facing adversity (despite the discomfort). Pushing forward is where I discover my endurance and ability to try again.

What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced, and how did you overcome that challenge? 
Deciding to choose myself was extremely challenging. I overcame that by doing the hard thing, which was to put myself first and lean into joy.

What is an early or favorite scent memory you have? What comes to mind when you imagine your favorite scent?
Orange blossom and vanilla bean. I’ve always loved citrus and the subtle boldness of vanilla. Mixing them reminds me of a summertime creamsicle. 

Self-care: What is one non-negotiable self-care ritual that you try to regularly attend to?
Having moments of silence throughout the day, listening to my surroundings, and connecting with my breath.

Nature: We take great inspiration from travel & nature. What is the most inspiring natural place you've ever been to and why?
Autumn and spring in my area is my favorite time to explore nature. I go for walks and absorb the colors and weather. Those moments are extremely inspiring to me, and I don’t have to go far to experience them.

What is your favorite Smoke product?
The Rose Glycerite, hands down.

What is your greatest hope for the future?
That women continue to rise up and bring one another along for the journey.

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