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Just when you think you've settled on a fragrance, another decision...Eau de Parfum or Roll-on, and what do they even mean? It's one of our most frequently asked questions, and we're here with answers to help you weigh your options and make the most out of your pick.


What's Different

  • Size: Our Eau de Parfums are double the size at 30ml (1 oz). Roll-on perfume bottles are 15 ml (.5 oz) each.
  • Application: Our Eau de Parfums spray on for a bigger, more auric experience of the scent. The scent is better able to cloak your whole body or a room and is great for applying to a wider area. I love how it opens up the scent and takes up some space. The Roll-on perfume applies with a roller ball, which provides a more intimate experience, applying the scent directly to your skin, exactly where you want it. I love how this application keeps the scent close and concentrated.
  • Portability: The Eau de Parfum bottle size and shape make it a little harder to travel with or take on the go. The Roll-on bottle is perfect for tucking away in a purse, pocket, or makeup bag.
  • Price: The Eau de Parfum runs higher than the Roll-on because it is a larger size with more juice!
What's the Same
  • Ingredients: Both our Eau de Parfums and Roll-ons are made with the same all natural ingredients and organic perfumer's alcohol.
  • Scents: Our two bottles apply differently, but once they're on your body, they both smell the same – clean, natural, and delicious. So, if you currently use one and are thinking of buying the other, it will still be the same scent you know and love. We also LOVE to layer the roll on with the spray when we are feeling extra!

For Best Results

  • Eau de Parfum: Spray close to bare skin, about 4 inches away, so the scent lingers long with maximum skin contact. 
  • Roll-on Perfume: Apply liberally to pulse points and anywhere else you'd like it!
Apply both liberally and enjoy as the natural ingredients shape shift and dance with your unique skin chemistry! Because they are natural perfumes, they won't wear in an overpowering way like their synthetic counterpoints, so don't be shy!