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Last month we introduced you to Night Cloud, our first new perfume since 2016. It is by far the most complex and challenging I’ve made to date, and I want to share the story and ingredients behind its potent magic.

Night Cloud began as a name. I have always been inspired by the eerie and profound New Orleans night sky. The way the clouds hang impossibly low and the sky glows purple. I wanted to make a fragrance that captured that electricity, the feel of humidity on bare skin, and New Orleans night when the hours slip by spontaneous and outside of time.


Night Cloud has always been purple. Lavender is calming, sweet, floral, and relaxing. The heady smell of night blooming plants and chanting cicadas as you walk down New Orleans street in the dark of night.

Oak moss & sandalwood

The base of Night Cloud is rich and heavy. It has raw depth to it, with elements of tobacco, diesel, and dirt. It’s booze and grit, the all night New Orleans magic where anything can happen and you find yourself somewhere unexpected.


Allspice gives Night Cloud its dark spice and mystery. It makes the scent feel like a New Orleans night potion, heady and intoxicating.

I refined Night Cloud in the heat of the summer, when the days are long and we are at our most nocturnal. I would walk outside wearing whatever version of the scent I was working on. I wanted a scent that captured that feeling for all seasons, so you can feel the supernatural of New Orleans nights wherever you go.

When I make fragrances, I am deeply inspired by travel, sense of place, and this city I call home. Like Smoke, Ritual, and Wellspring, Night Cloud evokes another dimension of what I love about New Orleans. Night Cloud is everything about the city that captivates me at this moment in time, my present sense of wonder and inspiration.