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Just in time for Autumn, Ritual is back - fully restocked in eau de parfum and roll on perfumes! To celebrate the return of this fan favorite, our founder Kathleen Currie describes the scent and the story behind one of Smoke Perfume’s original fragrances.


What is Ritual?

Ritual is one of Smoke’s core perfumes. It reminds me of a temple or church, so the name Ritual is inspired by a scent you might wear as you visit or pray at a sacred place, or adorn upon an altar. Its very name is a reminder to slow down and create a sense of intention in wearing it. Additionally, it highlights two of the most famous, exclusive, and expensive materials in perfumery: rose absolute and neroli. 

How would you describe the scent of Ritual?

This scent has a very light top and light base, with wood notes prevalent in both. The middle notes are the strongest performers here, featuring neroli, rose, and cinnamon leaf. A touch of citrus and spicy cinnamon round out the scent. Neroli is the oil of the butter orange blossom and rose is deeply revered in perfumery (and beyond!), making them the stars of this blend. 

What makes Ritual so special?

As a perfumer, Ritual was a defining scent for me. It was the second one I created in my line when I was still self taught and before I had formal training. It was also interesting to make because it was when I fully committed to working exclusively with natural ingredients. At the time, I created another version of this scent using synthetic neroli and rose. While I loved how that version smelled, I did some soul searching and decided I preferred the natural ingredients. It also felt more in line with my values to use those. So in a big sense, Ritual is the scent that really defines Smoke Perfume's core values, and set me on the path I'm on now as a 100% natural perfumer. It will always have a soft spot in my heart for that reason. 

How do you recommend wearing Ritual?

Ground both feet down, stand tall, apply Ritual liberally, close your eyes, and take 3 deep breaths. Think of one thing you're grateful for, and exhale as you come back to the present. Create or adjust this daily practice as desired.


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