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I am often asked about the difference between Smoke Perfume products, which are crafted using essential oils, and more conventional perfumes, which are typically made with synthetic fragrances. While synthetic ingredients are more commonly used, many are derived from chemicals and can lead to allergic reactions and potential health complications. On the other hand, natural perfumes made with essential oils are safe, subtle, and offer a unique wearing experience.

What is a Natural Perfume?

All Smoke Perfume scents are made with essential oils and act as natural perfumes, which means they contain only plant-based ingredients found in nature. They tend to enhance the natural aromas found on the skin. These perfumes, while noticeable, are more of an intimate scent that work to enhance your natural essence, adding a pleasant je ne sais quoi to your aura.

Synthetic Perfumes Wear You, While You Wear Natural Perfumes

I always tell my customers that synthetic perfumes wear you—meaning, they are built to last and will stay on your skin and clothes for a long while. That may sound appealing, but it can also exacerbate allergies or reactions or cause headaches for the wearer (and the people around you). Basically, synthetic perfume can be too much after a while. 

I love the way that natural perfumes meld with your skin’s unique chemistry and change over time as you wear them. It’s part of the fun! It’s also a more intimate way to wear and experience perfume, which I think is sexy—not to mention more considerate of the people around you. 

Essential Oils Provide Therapeutic Benefits 

Some people tell me that Smoke Perfume is the first fragrance they’ve ever been able to wear comfortably. That’s 100% because of the natural ingredients, which also have a host of therapeutic benefits. For example, vetiver, which is part of our signature perfume, can help ease nerves and insomnia. (Check it out in incense form as well.) Another favorite of mine, rose oil, which is found in the Ritual perfume, can help with headaches. 

Some people enjoy using essential oils directly, which is fine—with a few caveats. Here are some tips to safely enjoy pure essential oils:

  • Always dilute essential oils before applying to bare skin. I like to use an oil like jojoba or organic perfumer’s alcohol. 
  • When working with a new oil, do a patch test on skin before using over a wide area. You’ll want to make sure it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.
  • Never ingest your essential oils.
  • If you have pets, do research beforehand to make sure the ones you choose are non-toxic for animals. 
  • Try using your essential oils in a diffuser to reap the benefits or simply place a few drops of diluted oil in your palms, rub them together, and then cup around your nose and breathe in deeply. I find this to be an instant reset and love doing it when I need a moment to myself.

The Decision to Go Natural

At the end of the day, whether you choose natural or synthetic perfumes is dependent on your personal preference. As for me, I find synthetic perfumes distracting at best and headache-inducing at worst. I like how natural perfumes add a subtle finishing touch and smell “real.” I continue to be enamored by the mysterious ways in which plant-derived natural essences work. As a perfumer, I prefer working with essential oils, as I consider them living matter (vs. a lab-derived scent molecule, which feels flat to me). As I’ve gradually shifted my life to be more natural in my home, dining, and beauty routines, I’ve found that less is more, and fragrance is no different. 

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