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How to *spring clean* your beauty routine

Since its start, Smoke has always been rooted in the movement towards clean fragrance and beauty. As an aromatherapist by training, I wanted to create perfume that was as therapeutic as it was deliciously evocative. To me, that’s what a beauty routine is at its very best – making you feel restored, taken care of, and truly at ease in your own skin.

I like to think of clean beauty as a supreme act of self care, ensuring all your daily rituals contribute to (and never detract from) your health and wellbeing. Here’s a simple guide to start spring cleaning your beauty routine:

1. Break up with unhealthy ingredients
Avoid ingredients like parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, synthetics, and hormone disruptors. In the short term, beauty products formulated with chemically derived ingredients can cause irritation, harm your skin, and cause headaches. In the long term, chemicals delivered directly onto your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream and delivered to vital organs, where they can cause toxic stress over time.

2. Go natural
When choosing perfumes and other beauty products, look for ingredients that are plant-based, botanical, and synthetic free. People who are sensitive to chemicals or smell often tell me Smoke is the first perfume they have been able to wear comfortably, which I credit to our use of natural, therapeutic grade ingredients.

Clean perfumes wear on your body, dancing and morphing with your unique chemistry, whereas synthetic perfumes stay the same for hours. Natural perfume also delivers the power of aromatherapy, which can help shift your mood, deepen your breath, or connect you to a feeling or sense of power. Over time I've noticed (and have heard it from others, too) that wearing naturals has created a more sensitive palette overall. I appreciate the little things so much more. Which brings us to our final tip...

3. Simplify your routine
Find what works for you and stick with it until it doesn’t. For example: throw out that moisturizer you used to use but now notice that the scent of the cheap fragrance oils overwhelms you, and the moisturizer leaves your skin dried out (true story!). 

As I've become more passionate about clean beauty, something amazing has happened: my routines have simplified, naturally. What started as being intentional about which products I put in my bathroom and on my body prompted me to explore where else I could simplify, causing a domino effect that has impacted the rest of my life. This domino effect was caused by slowing down and using the bare minimum--your body, nose, and intuition will guide you over time!

I still have a robust collection of synthetic perfumes leftover from my early years of discovering scent, and I’ll never get rid of them because of their nostalgic memories. However, switching to clean perfume for my daily use feels more in line for me. I save the synthetics for the occasional use, and keep my routine clean and light 98% of the time!