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It’s been a dream of mine to start a series showcasing ‘Smoke Sisters’--powerful, inspiring women. You know the type, those badass babes who just seem to have effortless style, but can get on your level. Someone I can look to for inspiration, but could just as easily pour my heart out to, or borrow those earrings from. The kind of gal who doesn’t engage in female competition, only support! Inspired by my own ‘sisters’ whom I’ve come to rely on so much in my adult life.

I can’t think of a better intro to this series than the artist Boyfriend, whom I recently collaborated with on a photo shoot and giveaway. Smoke Sister Boyfriend’s work is eclectic, sexy, unconventional, and just so powerful to watch. From the costumes to the lyrics, I’m a huge fan, and honored to call her a Smoke Sister!



Boyfriend, I just love your work. I love how you’re challenging gender and sexual norms, and it just seems like you’re filling a much-needed void in the rap/music world. How did you get to where you are now?

Can you share a bit about why you started, and your creative process?

I’ve always had things to say about femininity, sexuality, etc. I just decided to say them with a beat and a microphone. It’s much more useful than getting red-faced over dinner and shrugging my shoulders, growing bitter.

How did you develop your character? How did you land on this sort of swanky boudoir act that is so signature to your artistic expression?

Honestly comfort and convenience guided me here. I hate high heels, so I stopped performing in them. Now it’s slippers and barefoot. I’m most comfortable in my robe, so I decided to perform in it. I’d rather invite the audience into my dressing room than try to feel at home on an empty stage.

I’m a huge fan of anyone who pursues their dream full-time--which you are doing now, correct? How has being Boyfriend full-time affected your creative process? How do you handle any creative road blocks and stay inspired?

Being able to be myself full time has made this whole mission an infinitely easier process - I no longer have to worry about my identities clashing, about my students discovering who I am at night. I’m able to be my whole self all the time and that in itself is inspiring.

You’re a busy entrepreneur, brand ambassador, touring artist, and performer, how do you carve out time for your own wellbeing, self-care, and beauty? Are there any non negotiables when it comes to your self care?

Yes I am busy, so there are times when certain things fall by the wayside, and when they do, I insist on making them happen on stage. Shaving, for instance, is always first to go when I’m rushed, so I’ve just started doing it on stage to make sure it happens.

Are there any guiding principles/words of advice that help you stay focused and grounded?

Hot baths, long showers and sincere penance for the water usage. Now that I have your Rose Oil & Sugar Scrub the world is mine for the taking.

What’s an early scent or perfume memory?

Not long before my parents divorced, I recall my mother applying her CK One late at night. I asked if she was going out and she responded “No, sometimes you have to feel nice just for yourself.


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