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I’m still glowing from the epic 5 year party/open studio we hosted last Friday night! It was a night of fun for the whole building as the new murals out front were revealed to the public for the first time and every artist in the space opened their studio doors, too. 

I want to say a giant THANK YOU! The party was beyond what I would have expected! We had the entire line available for purchase, as well as a bar offering complimentary beer, champagne, and sparkling water with the option to add in an herbal tincture of your choice, and a complimentary build-your-own body scrub bar!

I love to enhance my bevs with herbal tinctures (as I type this I am enjoying Tepache with Tulsi tincture). A week prior to the party I went through my collection of herbal tinctures and bottled up some for the party. I offered: Tulsi, Passion flower, mimosa & rose quartz, willow flower, elderberry, & yellow dock to name a few. This is a fun way to add another dimension to your bev and sneak in some herbal medicine. 

The build your own body scrub bar was a SMASH success! Participants (nearly 200 of you!) started by choosing from a base of coffee, sugar, or salt.
They then added in an oil from our selection of cedar infused oil, herbal infused oil, or our signature “Smoke” scented oil. Then it was on to the fragrance bar where participants could choose from myriad essential oils to add up to 30 drops of scent. The scrubs got put into 4 oz jars and labeled. I loved smelling everyone's unique creation and seeing their creative names for their scrub! A fave was the one someone named "Love yo self!" It was a fragrant beautiful mess, and I think it was many people’s first time making a scrub—which is one of the easiest DIY skincare items to make. 

All in all, the studio functioned as a highly interactive--and highly fragrant--play room. From sampling the entire product line, to choosing their tincture add-ins at the bar, and building their own 4 oz body scrub with friends, we offered a rotation of activity that kept the party going well past the end time of 9pm.

The room felt festive, loud, and deeply fragrant. In fact, guests entered saying they could smell the party from outside on the street! Miss Jeanette even made an appearance, and added her own magic to the night by offering small bouquets for guests to take home. The only regret was not having a photographer there, but the memories are etched in my mind, heart, and nose:)

The love for Smoke was palpable, and it was a rotating door of both cherished familiar faces and the chance to meet some longtime followers and fans in person. I am not lying when I say the event was one of the best nights of my professional life, and easily the most rewarding event I’ve hosted for Smoke! From my amazing team and I: a heartfelt thank you and cheers to many more years of Smoke and many more perfume parties!





As a closing gift, please enjoy the Spotify playlist my dear friend Kathi curated for the party. It’s a sexy, upbeat listen with tropical house vibes and a bit of Cumbia for good measure—enjoy!