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Spring is finally here! And with this season of warmer weather and longer days comes the first blooms of one of our most beloved flowers: the rose. In addition to our sumptuous Smoke Perfume rose body oil, we also make an ingestible rose glycerite tincture. The very nature of the rose reminds us of the openness of spring. After months of winter, it’s time for our hearts to blossom.

Coming up roses

Rose is a revered plant, both as a beautiful flower and a well-regarded herb. It’s been used for centuries in both medicine and nutrition. It is often used in skincare as a cooling astringent, known for its ability to soothe inflamed conditions like acne and rosacea, as well as provide balance through its toning effect. When ingested, roses have a soothing and uplifting effect on mood. They are also celebrated for their ability to increase circulation, clear stagnation, calm jitters, ease insomnia, and decrease anxiety. 

The parts of the plant responsible for these qualities are the flowers, specifically the petals, and the fruit that forms from the fertilization of the flower, a bulbous red berry called a rose hip. We work specifically with the petals in our rose glycerite, as well as rose essential oils, which also come from the distillation of the petals.

Why rose glycerite? 

In herbalism, the energetics of a plant are always considered. A rose is revered for its beauty, as well as its thorns. Lovely, but protected. We like to think of roses as helping us soften within our bodies, minds, and hearts, while also staying strong within our boundaries. This is why roses are medicine for this modern world. We are living in particularly stressful times and many of us prefer the safety of guarding our hearts. But too much of that protection can make us brittle and closed off. A brittle tree limb is more likely to snap in a storm than a pliable willow branch that moves and bends with the breeze. Like these branches, we also need to stay pliable under pressure. Roses help us connect to our hearts and feel strong within our true natures. 

What exactly is rose glycerite?

This mixture of locally grown rose petals, vegetable glycerine, and a touch of organic corn alcohol transforms into a natural, delicious elixir safe for consumption. Taste and scent are key elements of rose medicine. The captivating aroma of this flower is created by constituents of the volatile essential oils contained in its petals. Our rose glycerite perfectly captures this taste, which is why the flavor of this tincture is so wonderfully transformative – you’re receiving the direct oils of the rose with each drop! It's most often described as the feeling of a rose blooming in your mouth.  

How to

Use anytime you need an interruption from ruminative or stressful thoughts. Take 1-2 dropperfuls directly under the tongue. Close your eyes as the flavor blooms and let the glycerite warm you from your mouth to your heart. Breathe in and offer yourself a mantra of calm and peace. Smoke founder Kathleen Currie’s personal go-to is, “I am calm, I am safe, I am held.”

Kathleen: “I keep a bottle near my work station and take a dropperful as needed, usually when doing tasks I don’t enjoy or dealing with stressful emails or big decision days. There are so many ways I incorporate this glycerite into my life. I take a dropperful before bed to help me wind down and I even take it when I travel. I find it a nice companion for flight anxiety. I love to use it in my meditation practice, especially afterwards when I am in a heart-centered space as it helps me integrate whatever lessons arose in my meditation. It tastes sweet and sumptuous; sometimes I take it just for the sheer pleasure of the delicious quality of the rose.” 

Life can be difficult at times, so it is absolutely necessary to seek out joy, pleasure, and beauty any time we can. And even if your busy life doesn’t provide much time to “stop and smell the roses”, usage of our rose glycerite is an easy way to invite the rich beauty and purity of spring into your daily routine.