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Solid perfume balms are making a comeback. But what are they, exactly? Solid perfumes are essentially a balm into which essential oils are infused with wax (rather than alcohol or oil used in liquid fragrances). There are a few pluses to choosing a solid. They’re easier to travel with compared to liquid perfumes. No need to worry about a spill in a bag or going over the liquid allowance on flights. Plus, their lightweight wax foundation may be better for sensitive skin than traditional liquid fragrances. And while they might seem unusual, they’re nothing new.

One of the earliest (and most elaborate) methods of wearing solid perfume was created by the ancient Egyptians. Many hieroglyphics depict Egyptians wearing cone shaped objects on their heads. More function than fashion, it is believed these unguent cones were actually scented, probably made of beeswax, plant oils, and herbs. As the cone melted throughout the day, it would be absorbed into the wearer’s hair, skin, and clothing. 

A bit smaller in size and far simpler in application, is our limited edition solid perfume balm Neon Heart. This sumptuous fragrance is actually a relaunch of a former liquid perfume of the same name. We loved the idea of revisiting this scent and breathing new life into it. Labdanum, tuberose, and orange blossom essential oils are infused into a balmy blend of beeswax, butter, and coconut oil, creating a rich and strong scent. Each balm comes in a small tin with a laser etched wooden label and an easy-to-store velvet pouch. We like to think of solids as a cute and low-key way to reapply perfume throughout the day! Wear alone of layer with your favorite Smoke Perfume for added flare.