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As I spend more time than ever inside and at home, I have noticed how much cleansing my space impacts my health, happiness, and productivity. Freshening your home can look a lot of different ways (depending on your preference and energy level), but a good rule of thumb is that the more you can bring in nature, the better it will feel. 

1. Open a window - The quickest and often the best way to bring the natural world inside. An open window brings in fresh air, sunlight, and the smells and sounds of the outside world. If you can't open the window, open the curtains or shades to let the light in. 

2. Burn something - I love how smoke cleanses a space through smell and instantly transforms a room into a ritual space. I'm partial to incense, so we carry a collection, from our sultry Night Cloud incense, this earthy Magi incense, and these vetiver bundles as an alternative to sage/palo santo alternatives. You can also kitchen staples like cinnamon sticks or a fresh bundle of rosemary.  

3. Good old fashioned cleaning - A quick vacuum, sweep, or surface wipe down never fails to make everything feel new again. If the whole house seems like a lot, focus your love on the space you are using the most often.

4. Sound - I like to use a bell or chimes the same way I use incense. It invites in the same sense of ritual and calm. You can also using singing bowls, tuning forks, or even a song that makes you feel extra good.

5. Scent -  Filling a room with a favorite scent always make me feel calm and grounded in my space. You can use an oil diffuser, Eau De Parfum as room spray, a fragrant bunch of flowers, or even home cooking.