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Nothing says cleansing quite like washing everything off your body, and hydrotherapy goes the extra mile, leaving you invigorated and boosting your mood, circulation, and lymphatic system. I love this home practice, and it feels especially necessary in a time when access to bathhouses and other shared therapeutic spaces are limited.

1. Start by drybrushing your full body. Make sure to always direct your strokes towards the heart and spend extra time in areas where lymph nodes are concentrated. See here for a more detailed description of our preferred ritual. Dry brushing stimulates your lymph system, clears stagnant skin and break up, and wakes up your entire body.

2. Run a cold shower. If you need to ease your way in, start with your feet. Your feet have lots of nerve endings, and this will help stimulate your nervous system right away. When you're ready, bring your whole body under cold water. Cold water constricts your blood vessels, helping to increase blood flow.

3. Vigorously massage your whole body with your hands to create warmth and get your blood flowing! Focus on keeping your body and breath moving. Aim to stay under the water for at least two minutes. By the end, you should feel warm. For an extra exfoliation, lather up one of these sustainable sisal shower poofs with liquid soap and scrub up your body, again going towards the heart!

4. Towel off and apply your favorite Smoke body oil to damp skin. 

Go into your day glowing with this ancient recipe for radiance!