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The holidays are here! Time to break out the ribbon, tissue, and gift wrap! Here at Smoke, we enjoy giving gifts as gestures of love, generosity, and appreciation, and we think our products make the sweetest gifts. This season, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite products (for your favorite people). These bestsellers are sure to please just about anyone, whether it’s a co-worker, relative, or partner. You might even find a little something for yourself.

The Bathing Beauty - Know someone who loves to soak after a long day? Fill their stockings with any of the following:

The Morning Maven - This individual takes their mornings seriously. From journaling to Crossfit, they believe in starting the day off with focus. Here are a few picks from our own morning routines:

The Self Care Sweetie - Downtime never felt so good. We’re firm believers in the benefits of dry brushing, aromatherapy, and massage.

The Smoke Perfume Connoisseur - Our LIMITED EDITION Vintage Solid Perfume Compacts will be dropping this week. Select any of the beautiful boxes or compacts our founder Kathleen has curated for the holidays, then choose the scent we fill inside. 

Still unsure? We understand that scent can be tricky to gift without knowing an individual's preferences. This is why we created our Deluxe Perfume Sample Kit. Each kit contains all of our core (and unisex) Smoke fragrances and body oils, as well as a discount card for a full size bottle. It's the perfect way for them to discover their new favorite fragrance.