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Jennifer is one of our favorite New Orleans-based holistic esthetician and the owner of Ritual Body Wellness. We asked her to share her top tips making her feel like a lucid (even radiant!) human during these quarantimes...

1. At-Home Probiotic Enzyme Mask

No esthi(tician), no problem! I am a firm believer in a minimal approach to skin health. Rarely do I suggest retail masks or the countless blogger DIY-masks on the web. Most are problematic or simply do not work, and the skin is a delicate ecosystem where we must nourish skin flora, barrier integrity, and optimal pH.

So, try this: A 1:1 ratio of organic, full-fat, plain yogurt, such as Stonyfield or Siggi's plus Manuka or local honey. Whisk in a bowl, apply to cleansed skin with a mask brush, and leave on for 10-15 minutes. The alpha hydroxy acids in the yogurt gently exfoliate and moisturize. It’s a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and full of zinc (great for dermatitis, rosacea, dry, acneic, and all skin types).

The real MVP are the live bacterial strains that help to balance the skins’ flora for a healthy chain reaction. Honey helps to emulsify and dissolve dull skin while deeply conditioning and helping to resolve acne lesions. My clients have been obsessed with this for years…leaves the skin GLOWING.

2. Big Vitamin D Energy

Balanced hormones and sunlight are like birds of a feather. I LOVE the sun-working out or laying out, I’m here for it. It is truly serving my mental health right now. “Laying out” looks a lot different than it did in the 80’s and 90’s when it was common to skip any SPF and lather cooking oil on. Yak! Yet, correctly and safely micro-dosing in the sun has its’ benefits including increased LIBIDO and SKIN benefits. And healthy testosterone levels in men and women are cardinal to a healthy libido.

Several studies suggest that with simply 30 minutes of sunlight we can naturally increase our Vitamin D, testosterone, and counter Seasonal Affective Disorder. Estrogen is also balanced by the additional Vitamin D synthesis, and in return your skin could thank you. And natural perspiration will help cleanse the pores.

As always, wear a clean, ZINC SPF on your face and décolletage-I like to cover the tops of my hands as well. Know your body, some skin types can handle 30 minutes of bare sun exposure while others, like red heads, might only be able to go for 10 minutes or so. We don’t want any pinkness or burning. With all that said, I lather on Khus Khus Herbal Copious CBD body serum, grab a book, and lay out nude for 30 minutes daily. Big Vitamin D energy for sure.  

3. Form Your Coven

Friendships are really important for mental health and longevity. The Blue Zone studies-demographic work done by Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain that identified the concentrations of extreme longevity and centenarians across the globe-found that one lifestyle factor shared in all the Blue Zones is a strong social network. Weekly meals and dates with friends, family meals, and community contribution show lower rates of hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and cancer in several studies. So, grab yourself a cup of tea or glass of vino and chat with your friends weekly for your mental health! Salud!