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We can hardly believe it’s been a year since we launched Magnolia Soliflore as part of our Smoke scent collection. This luscious blend started off as a limited edition fragrance, but it was always a dream to bring it into our line as a mainstay. Magnolias have always had a special place in our hearts. As the state flower of Louisiana, they can be found here in abundance. 

The Magnolia tree is a hardwood that flourishes year round, but its flowers only make their appearance for a few months during the spring. The large, typically white petals of the magnolia flowers are waxy and rich in fragrance. By late summer, the petals have long since fallen, and a red seed pod blooms in its place. 

Fun fact about magnolias: 

Their flowers don’t actually produce nectar, but large amounts of pollen, attracting mainly beetles and bees. 

Magnolia flower petals are edible. That’s right! They are often used as garnish on cakes, pickled as a savory treat, or even tossed into salads. Most recipes will recommend only ingesting the petals (not the stamen or pistil) particularly young ones, barely opened.

Magnolia trees are ancient, believed to be one of the earliest flowering plants on Earth. Fossilized specimens, part of the same family as present day magnolias, have been found dating back millions of years. 

Magnolia has been woven into Eastern Asian cultures for a millennia, and revered in Chinese medicine. The tree’s bark and roots have been used to calm upset stomachs, decrease anxiety, and improve sleep quality. 


Though the magnolia flowers may only bloom in the springtime and early summer, we love wearing the iconic scent of Magnolia Soliflore year round. Sultry and rich, its fragrance simultaneously lifts us up and grounds us in the present moment. Adding it to the Smoke family has been very exciting, especially as an homage to the beautiful region we call home.