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I often get questions about the benefits of using pure essential oils in our Smoke Candle (vs. using a blend of synthetics and essential oils or using just synthetics). The naturals do make for a more expensive candle, but read on to find out why we prioritize them. 

First, let's compare synthetics vs. naturals.

Synthetic fragrance oils are much cheaper than essential oils, and thus more commonly used. While synthetics are improving in quality, Many synthetic fragrance oils are derived from petroleum, and may contain chemicals that may lead to allergic reactions or act as hormone disruptors, which may lead to tumor growths, cancer, birth defects, and more. Yikes! 

Candles made with pure essential oils are made with plant-based ingredients derived from nature. They tend to enhance the natural aromas found in a space. A home that is free of added synthetics will showcase the natural candle's fragrance better. 

Synthetic fragrance oils do offer a much stronger scent throw, while the naturals will be more in the background. Natural candles do better in a smaller space free of drafts (like a washroom), or next to your bed (a personal favorite spot for mine!). 

Of course, a huge pro to the natural candles is that you will actually receive the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils themselves! I'll never forget the customer who reported having her sinuses clear as soon as she stepped into the room she was burning her Smoke Candle in!

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. Personally, I find candles made with synthetic fragrance oils to completely overtake a room. This is very overwhelming to my nose. I find this to be distracting at best, and headache-inducing at worst (yes, even with high-quality synthetics). However, some people prefer this strong scent throw. I appreciate how the Smoke Candle can add a subtle shimmer to the space I burn it in. In fact, my nose appreciates this subtle scent more than an overpowering synthetic throw because it smells real! I continue to be enamored by the mysterious ways the plant-derived natural essences work, and find that as I've switched my life over to a more natural one in my home, dining, and beauty routine I've found that less is more!

At Smoke Perfume & Co. we remain committed to creating 100% of our products with pure, natural, plant-derived ingredients and zero synthetics. Why would we compromise with our candle?! 

Other wonderful natural ways to freshen your home include fresh cut flowers, the use of smoke sticks or palo santo (interestingly, they're finding that some smudges--like white sage--may help to clear harmful bacteria from the air--just be sure to purchase ethically sourced smoke sticks), natural incense, or an essential oil diffuser.