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Online Inspiration


    • "Catastrophizing" by Unf*ck Your Brain - an episode on catastrophizing, or imagining all the possible future negative scenarios that could happen and emotionally reacting as if they were real. 
    • "Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens" by Irresistible - timely medical information, invocations, grounding practices and reflections with a focus on preparation for Americans living with chronic illness.
    • The Heart Radio - an audio art project about intimacy and humanity.
    • DJ Soul Sister - one of our favorite New Orleans DJs and music historians is now on Spotify!
    • Guided Meditations - a go-to for me, specific meditations guided by breath work teacher David Elliott. 
    • Modern Love - sappy, uplifting, human condition stories about love in all its forms, short and easy to binge
    • Terrible, Thanks for Asking - honest answers to the question “How are you?” a podcast that “unapologetically, ferociously plows into subjects most people are too uncomfortable to touch.”
    • Unlocking Us - Brené Brown unpacks and explores the ideas, stories, experiences, books, films, and music that reflect the human experience.


    • angel Kyodo williams - writer, activist, Zen priest has calming wisdom on love justice justice
    • Daphne Javitz - integrative nutritionist sharing tips and tricks
    • Ev'Yan Whitney - sexuality doula & sex educator, I love their sensual dance meditation
    • Jamila Reddy - writer, meditation teacher, and personal transformation coach. I love her dance breaks and general wisdom.
    • Mona Chalabi - data journalist, writer, and artist with infographics that make COVID and social justice issues engaging and approachable

    Real-Life Pleasure


      • A Guide to Activism in a Pandemic
      • Anything by adrienne maree brown  - one of our favorite contemporary writers has resources for facing COVID, along with book recommendations, world commentary, and poetry. 
      • Little Weirds by Jenny Slate - thought-provoking and comforting all at once, comedian Jenny Slate writes a memoir that makes us feel like we're not alone
      • Untamed by Glennon Doyle - "When women learn how to please,
        we forget who we are."


      • "Bean There Done That" by Home Cooking - a quarantine cooking emergency special from Samin Nosrat (of Salt Fat Acid Heat!) and Hrishikesh Hirway
      • Food Heaven - two black RDs helping women of color learn to eat intuitively through a healthy plant-powered diet
      • Joy the Baker - New Orleans-based baker now offering virtual baking classes
      • Laila Gohar - food artist sharing her thoughts, culture, and recipes
      • Minimalist Bakernourishing recipes requiring 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare
      • Veggie Mijas -  women/non-binary/femmes of color collective highlighting the importance of having a plant-based lifestyle. Check their IG for COVID resources and virtual dinner parties