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Natural body scrubs are so simple to make yourself, and so deliciously nourishing to a holistic skin care routine. This coffee scrub is my absolute favorite. It provides the most energizing aromatherapy for mornings that need extra pep, and is a great way to reuse coffee grounds from your morning brew! 

Finely ground coffee makes for a vigorous and effective exfoliant. I find that this scrub tones and smooths my skin better than other scrubs, like those made with sugar or salt. The caffeine is said to reduce inflammation and puffiness. Like all body scrubs, this one is also wonderful for getting the lymph fluid moving and bringing fresh, oxygenated blood to the skin’s surface while also whisking away toxins and dry skin. A must all year, and especially in the winter!

This scrub is the good kind of messy (which is probably why I like it so much), so be sure to do this in the shower with the shower curtain tightly drawn to contain the awesomeness to an easy-to-clean area. This scrub is too harsh for the face, but go crazy on the rest of your body. Your silky smooth skin will thank you later!

Coffee, Cinnamon, and Sweet Orange Body Scrub:

1/2 cup coffee beans, finely ground

3 tablespoons coconut oil, gently melted

2 drops cinnamon essential oil (this oil can burn the skin, so this small amount diluted well is all I can recommend; always use extreme caution with cinnamon essential oil), 6 drops sweet orange essential oil, 6 drops Texas cedarwood essential oil.

Mix all ingredients with a spoon in a bowl or Tupperware until thoroughly combined. In the shower, on damp skin, massage the scrub in a circular motion moving from your far extremities towards your heart. Scrub from the neck to the feet, and rinse off when finished. Your skin will have a nice flush and be so insanely soft from the coffee grounds and coconut oil. This makes enough for 2 sessions, and if kept covered it should stay good for about a month. Follow with your favorite body oil for extra skin happiness!