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These lovely stones are our latest product offering, crafted from 100% pure Bian stone and designed to be used for facial massage. I took a Gua Sha training last year and have been offering these services to clients and after seeing amazing results, I’m excited to share the tool used in this timeless modality with you, too! 

What is Gua Sha? 

Gua Sha is not new by any stretch of the imagination; it is a traditional East Asian practice stemming from 4000+ years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Gua Sha practices vary widely, but our tool and accompanying ritual are designed for Gua Sha facial use only.

Essentially, Gua Sha involves using a tool to apply light pressure to an area of skin. The name “Gua Sha” comes from the Chinese word for “scraping for sand” and is sometimes also referred to as spooning or coining, because these were some of the original tools used to perform the massage.

Gua Sha Benefits

A Gua Sha facial helps release the muscles of the face and circulates stagnant blood and lymph through the tissues, replacing it with fresh, oxygen-rich blood and lymph. This helps you literally glow up, from the inside out! 

I’ve been using a Gua Sha tool on myself for a while and can vouch for brighter, clearer skin and much less congestion and blackheads (a godsend in this New Orleans humidity). I love using this technique on my clients and seeing how excited they are about the results. The face literally changes shape during the session, brightening and de-puffing right before my eyes!

Gua Sha is also incredibly relaxing, which we all need more of lately. I’m always looking for holistic ways to destress and lower my anxiety, and I love Gua Sha as a way to wind down—and as an added bonus, I get to enjoy the best-selling rose oil with it, as it’s my favorite oil to use with Gua Sha.

How to Use the Facial Massage Stone

Ready to get started? First, wash your face, mist on your favorite toner, and then apply our Full Moon Rose Oil to your face, neck, and chest to allow the tool to glide easily over your skin. Hold the facial massage stone in one hand at a 45-degree angle and gently work it up the back, sides, and front of your neck, avoiding the front of your throat. 

For detailed instructions on how to glide the tool and what technique to use, click here. Remember to take your time; the ritual should feel good. Breathe in the smell of the oil and really feel the muscles of your face and neck start to relax as your lymph begins to drain. And have fun with Gua Sha—don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works and feels best for you. 

How Often to Practice Gua Sha 

You may be wondering how often you can enjoy this ritual. I recommend doing this consistently—at least a few times a week, up to once a day. The benefits are cumulative, so maintaining a routine will benefit you over the long term and keep you looking and feeling your best.

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