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Summer is officially here, and between sweating and (extra) showering you might feel like your natural, essential oil based perfumes aren’t lasting as long as they typically do. Here are our five go-to tips for making your favorite scents last longer. 

1) Environment is everything- Both heat and sunlight can cause essential oils to evaporate or for perfume to break down from its original formula. Storing your bottles correctly will help preserve the scent. Keep bottles in a cool dry place, away from humidity and direct light. Avoid bathrooms or window sills.

2) Proper application- Contrary to the age-old adage “less is more”, natural perfume works best when used liberally, and on your pulse points. Be sure not to rub your wrists together! Rubbing causes friction and heat, which can break down the top and middle notes of a scent. Rather spritz or roll and let the skin dry naturally! When in doubt take it with you for easy reapplication on the go. Our roll on bottles make the perfect pocket or purse companion. 

3) Skincare- Wear your scent on exfoliated or lightly moisturized skin. This will help hold the scent longer. We highly recommend our scented body oils for all day moisture. They’re long lasting, even against the summer heat. 

4) Where you spray matters- If you’re in a hot or humid climate, sweating is inevitable. Unfortunately this causes the natural oils of your skin to break down the perfume’s chemical bond. Instead of direct skin contact, try spraying your blouse, dress, or even your hair. Clothing fibers can hold scent much longer than skin. 

5) Layer!- Pair your fragrance with other scents (synthetic or natural) to experience it in a new way. Have fun!