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August is a month of transition. Vacations end, school resumes, and soon the seasons will change. While it may seem hectic as you make your way back into a routine, make sure you take time to focus on your own needs too. The future is uncertain, but we can find comfort and peace by laying a strong foundation in the present.

  1. Pause and Look Back -  Where you’ve been has led to this moment. Every setback, as well as success, has formed the path you’re currently walking. Acknowledging your past experiences can bring clarity to your journey ahead.
  2. Practice gratitude - While it might seem simplistic, numerous studies have shown that people who express gratitude on a continual basis are happier and healthier individuals. Feeling grateful for even the small things in the present proves to make for a more optimistic outlook on the future.
  3. Consider a Lifestyle Reassessment - We’re constantly evolving, as are our needs. Make sure your current relationships (professional and personal) are aligned with your inner beliefs and goals. If not, work on creating healthy boundaries to shift them where you’re more comfortable . 
  4. Self Acceptance - Resist the inclination to compare yourself to others. By accepting that each of our journeys are unique to our own lived experience, we can let go of a lot of negative blockage and stifled creativity.
  5. Take Time for Yourself - Create a daily ritual just for yourself, such as a relaxing bath, writing in a gratitude journal (see #2), exercise, reading, meditating, etc.  Here at Smoke, we especially love indulging in a grounding foot massage with our New Moon Cypress Body Oil at the end of a long day. These small, quiet moments of reflection can help us refocus on ourselves and our personal goals.